Camerique will accept only digital files of varied subjects and categories, providing they meet our standards for quality and content. In some rare instances we will also accept film based images but will charge a small fee for scanning and image clean-up. These fees will be deducted from future sales of those images.

Currently, our standard commission rate on sales (image lease) is fifty percent (50%) of the total net sum billed and collected. A statement of sales and payments is issued semi-annualy on net amounts of one hundred dollars ($100.00 US) or more, otherwise, yearly.

Whenever possible, the photographer will be given a credit line where it is the policy of the client to do so.

Photographers who are interested in submitting work should first fill out our on-line Preliminary Questionaire Form.

Form triange

Once contact has been made, submissions should include all caption information, model's names, and copies or PDF's of model's releases (where model or personal property is recognizable) and date photographs were taken. All images should be generic, current (unless retro in nature) and professionally executed. We ask that you send only a representative group of no more than 100 - 200 low-res thumbnail images as an introduction. We do not accept any images taken from a mobile device.

** PLEASE INCLUDE RETURN POSTAGE if you send a CD/DVD or any kind of digital media and want it returned.**

Images accepted will be listed showing our number and yours (if applicable), a copy of which you will receive. You will also receive a copy of our photographer agreement/contract for you to sign.

Please direct all photo submissions to: Camerique Inc. International 164 Regency Drive, Eagleville, PA USA 19403

* We can also accept your submissions via FTP. Call for our site address and instructions.